Let’s face it. For most brand marketers, Social has long lost its appeal since 2014 when Facebook’s organic reach became a “Ehm…hold on!” moment for marketers. We also know Social is often hard to measure and at least 74% of people will happily continue their existence without your brand.

I’ve decided to take on writing about these topics with my colleague Emi, with the hope that it leads someone to avoid the mistakes I’ve made or seen from a close distance.

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We have noticed three types of brands on social media today:

1. Conservative

Brands who only do paid social media ads or boost posts. All social media platforms are pushing this type of agenda for obvious reasons, these paid marketing efforts are easy to measure. Conservative brands might post an occasional (but rare) organic post for mostly hygiene reasons. Think Booking.com


2. Corporate

Brands who are mostly still focused on paid social media but are also actively experimenting with earned media in the hopes of finding effective ways of using an integrated approach. Think Brita


3. BrandHero

Integrated always-on marketing and activations with social media, “driving conversation” at the core. Actively encouraging user-generated content which is appropriately amplified with paid social media. Think Red Bull

Based on our own experience and analysis by L2, there are about over 70% of Conservative brands, 25% Corporates and less than 5% of BrandHeros.

Regardless of which type of brand you are, there are opportunities for all marketers to use social media in a more effective way. This inaugural article is really about giving some guidance about how to rethink social media marketing. Before we dive into that, a quick check on Earned, Paid and Owned media and how they work together to be a comprehensive marketing strategy.

The illustration below outline each of the element and how they work together to be a comprehensive marketing strategy that will portray a cohesive branding.

And YES, you want to be in the middle. There are many benefits to an integrated approach. First and foremost, as marketers we must overcome the lack of security around putting our budget in Earned where things can go haywire and where our efforts are not always measurable. Why? For starters, word of mouth drives 5x more sales than paid ad impressions, authenticity sells and builds brand love. Social media has a critical role to play in this dynamic and that is to help scale this effect.

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