5 Best Affordable Influencer Marketing Platforms

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In the past, we have featured five free influencer marketing platforms that might help you in finding the right influencer to optimize your influencer marketing campaigns. Like any other free products and services, they come with limitations and for medium to large influencer marketing campaigns, it is useful to seriously consider investing in tools for better workflows.

Disclaimer: as usual, our suggestions are genuine, honest, and based on our personal experience as marketers. We did not receive anything from the companies mentioned and do not intend to change our commitment to transparent reviews.

Influencer marketing has seen rapid growth in companies providing these services. In 2018 it was estimated to be an industry made up of 740 companies including marketplaces, tech enablers and full-service agencies. In our search, we identified over a dozen companies and shortlisted the five most interesting ones we think fellow marketers would value.

Just like what we did in the past, we looked at six criteria:

  1. How many social platforms do they cover?
  2. How easy is to find the right influencers to work with?
  3. Is the tool or website user-friendly?
  4. What sets them apart from competitors?
  5. How can we measure campaign performance?
  6. How much does it cost?

So, let’s jump right to it!

  1. Hype Auditor

They claim to be the most advanced fraud detection system providing in-depth analytics for marketers to find the right fit for their campaigns.


  • The report provides ‘Audience quality analytics’ which gives a good idea of audience types.
  • It provides demography and language insights.
  • In-depth engagement analysis for marketers to gauge potential reach and brand awareness.
  • Quality of the audience, organic/not organic growth, authenticity and ranking vs other influencers.
  • Brand mentions and frequency.


  • The audience type category is somewhat vague with ‘influencers’ are accounts with more than 5,000 followings. Also, there is no justification for what ‘suspicious accounts’ actually are.
  • This only focuses on Instagram and not on other platforms. Depending on the industry and nature of your businesses, certain brands perform better using Facebook or YouTube compared to Instagram. Hence, this might not be ideal for all marketers.

Best feature:

  • As much as it is a downside that they do not justify the ‘suspicious accounts’, we really love the breakdown of audience type as this section is not available from other companies providing similar service.
  • Additionally, the report looks beautiful and easy to digest even for a beginner.
  • A lot of metrics are benchmarked – awesome.


HypeAuditor charges on the number of reports churned out. An influencer report can go as low as USD1.59 per report depending on the number of credits purchased in advance.

In short, even for small businesses, this is a pretty affordable way to kickstart your influencer marketing campaign.

BrandHero rating: 4/5

2. Modash

Modash claims to be the “All in One Influencer Marketing Platform”, it offers services for marketers to run campaigns from start to finish but only focuses on Twitch and Instagram as well as Podcast (coming soon).


  • A detailed report of the influencer’s audience.
  • Audience demographics and locations.
  • Audience reachability and interests are well covered.
  • The report also features lookalikes which are interesting as it is a lot easier for brands to approach influencers with similar audience for the same campaign.
  • Lastly, we find having a paid post-performance interesting as it will give marketers an idea of what the ROI will be when engaging with this particular influencer.


  • This platform focuses only on Instagram and Twitch which will be great for certain brands but definitely not for all marketers.

Best feature:

  • The lookalikes are one of the best features of this report. It can provide a whole new list of potential influencers to work with that fit the brand and the audience, it creates better brand recall and awareness as they keep seeing the same campaign in their feed.


  • Modash charges 499€ per month which is about USD565. For a small to medium business, this is a decent investment with a lockdown period of six months.

BrandHero rating: 2.5/5

3. Heepsy

Heepsy claims to have six million influencer profiles worldwide with more than 5,000 followers using the most accurate filters in the industry. The system allows you to filter by Category, Location, Followers, Engagement and Post Cost.


  • The system allows you to find influencers by their Instagram handle and set filters for Category, Location, Followers, Engagement and Post Cost.
  • It allows you to discover new influencers in the list but unfortunately, it features mainly the U.S. market.
  • They do feature a post cost estimate but we assume this would be an algorithm based on followers and engagement which is not likely accurate.


  • This influencer marketing platform does not seem to cater to any other markets.
  • It does not provide audience data at all for marketers to kickstart an effective influencer marketing campaign.

Best feature:

  • The ‘post cost estimate’ is the best we could find in this platform as it gives marketers a budget for a campaign. But be mindful as this might not be accurate as every influencer rate is different even with the same follower count.


Premium plans start from USD49 per month for 80 influencer profiles. On average, a profile costs USD0.61 cents. From a pricing perspective, it’s not that bad and it’s pretty affordable for small businesses as well. But the information it provides, any marketer could get for free with a little hard work by going through profiles on their own via any social media platform.

BrandHero rating: 1/5

4. Tomoson

Tomoson is a platform for marketers to create, curate, and post content to the brand’s social media platforms. In this platform, they have over 90,000 influencers registered with their platform.


  • Having a dashboard in managing influencers campaign and reposting their content is a breeze on Tomoson.
  • Getting a glimpse of current branded campaigns gives marketers or brands an idea on the influencer rate for a similar product and a chance to find out competitors’ campaign.


  • The platform is not user-friendly at all.
  • The platform does not focus on giving influencers data. Influencer’s audience data, geography and even engagement rates are missing from the influencer’s profile.
  • Unlike the traditional influencer marketing approach of brands looking for influencers to fit the campaign, this platform offers space for influencers to lookout for brands. This may not be optimal as a percentage micro influencer are just out for freebies and do not care about brand value or even the campaign effectiveness.

Best feature:

  • Getting to compile a list of content or posts across all social media platforms relevant to the brand’s campaign.


Their premium plans start from USD49 which is affordable but it’s disappointing when you can only have two campaign reposts.

BrandHero rating: 1.5/5

5. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a platform for searching influencers based on the content or topic they are posting. Not limited to just looking for potential influencers to work with, the tool also searches content based on your keywords.


  • Search influencers based on the content they publish which is relevant for marketers running campaigns in specific fields, industries and categories.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Ability to monitor brand mentions and number of backlinks in a period of time.


  • Focuses only on Twitter.
  • Does not give influencer’s audience insights such as demography, language, etc.

Best feature:

  • Discover influencers based on the content they publish which ultimately means the chance of brand and influencer synergy is higher.


Their premium plans start from USD99. It’s pretty steep for a small brand but if the goal is to increase SEO backlinks, then it’s totally worth it.

BrandHero rating: 2.5/5


  • Fake influencers are on the rise and as per our previous article, it is not difficult to identify fake influencers but having to vet through all of them in your list is a chore. Therefore, HypeAuditor and Modash are two great options to identify and get reports on the influencers that you are going to potentially work with.
  • They say, ‘content is king’ and we too, vouch for it. If the content is important to you and is looking for relevant influencers and bloggers, we totally recommend Buzzsumo.

If you would like to review more marketing tools that we have not mentioned yet, do let us know so we can save you some time and hassle.

Disclaimer: The BrandHero rating is a subjective score based purely on our personal experience. We have yet to try out all of the similar services in the market.

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  1. George Reed

    Influencers are the ones to whom the people listen to, to whom they follow and resonate with, and these influencers through their posts either text or media can influence their viewers or supporters.

    • Siim Säinas

      Hi George. Agreed. And authenticity is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when selecting people to work with.



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