Many Social Media influencers have truly become brands by their own right. Mr.Beast burgers anyone?

But they clearly have not read Peter Field and Les Binet, like most of us marketers. Because if they did, they would spend 60% of their budget on “brand activations” and not 99% like they do now.

Did they not read the latest marketing science?!?

Probably not. And this raised some questions in us…

What could we learn from the most successful Social Media influencers about marketing?



Firstly, we knew marketers tend to hang in Linkedin or Twitter and don’t generally mingle with people who think briefs are men’s underwear. Regular people don’t think our job is too meaningful, so we tend to stick to our own kind.

However, if we broaden our horizon, and especially in Social Media, we cannot ignore the power of influencers. From political messages to wash our hands or buying the latest sneakers. 

So we wanted to apply a marketer’s lens to understanding influencers and see what they can teach us about Social Media – their home turf, and the place we want to achieve our goals in.


How did we do this?

Check Box Icons  We signed up for HypeAuditor, Modash and did a ton of manual data verification to collect the Top N=900 influencer profiles across 6 key markets. 

Check Box Icons  Cleaned, standardised and analysed the data per market. Created comparable groups by the # of followers.

Check Box Icons  Quantified findings, and identified qualitative insights why certain influencers seem to outperform others.

Nothing too complicated, but decent enough to deliver valuable learnings.


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