Marketers cannot afford to ignore

Social Media

  • Your chance to gain market share depends on it.
  • Your campaign performance depends on it.
  • Your next promotion depends on it.

And Social Media delivers brand and business growth every day for thousands of brands around the world.


How to succeed in Social?

Social Media is undoubtedly messy. Mostly untrustworthy. Definitely competitive. And people don’t open TikTok to hear from brands.

So while we spend a lot of time with big and small, near real-time and static data, what we really need is insight.

A credible data-driven statement, that unlocks brand growth and empowers the marketing team to fearlessly plow forward.

This is about two things: internal soul-seeking (or brand-seeking) and listening to what people really care about. Maybe take a peek at competitors, but it is important not to get distracted.

Then to strategize on “what makes sense” is not that difficult. The hard part is about standing tall in the midst of corporate whirlwinds and securing investment for years, not just a one-off pilot.

Beware of the Datamonster

Data is useful for all marketers.

But not something to get obsessed with. Probably 95% of all the data in Social Media is useless for brands. How do you strike a balance between intuition vs data-driven? 

This is one of the most important questions of our times. Some of the greatest CMOs I know, keep on asking this question as internal or external circumstances change. Experimentation is key. With all things creative, there is no real way of knowing before trying.

Intriguing. Actionable. Funny.

These are the frequently used keywords from event organisers. I try to strike a balance between abstract and actionable. Professional and entertaining. Data-driven and common sense.

Topics that I commonly cover: 

  • Data-driven Influencer Marketing

  • Marketing lessons from the World’s Top Social Media Influencers

  • Social Media Insights & Measurement

  • Social Media Strategy

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