Marketing lessons from Top Social Media influencers

Influencers know more about platforms, content, and creativity than you think.


Mmkay. But how?


  • Social Media influencers and creators built their audience organically. Let’s be honest, most of us marketers paid for it.


  • Influencers only publish UGC. Which we know works better at engaging and directing audiences than regular ads.


  • They are all about authenticity and trust. And we know trust drives brand equity and sales.


We believe it makes sense to not just talk to other marketers, but find out how influencers have managed to make a living in a medium you seek to achieve your marketing goals in – Social Media. Their home turf.


How did we do this? 

In this research, we used an advanced influencer analytics tool and a combination of data sources to analyze 900 influencers across 6 countries. We categorized the influencers into different types based on the number of followers and ranked them by their Instagram performance. We also drew insights from the market and cultural trends.


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